New Trailer for Clint Eastwood’s Movie About Real Heroes is Spectacular

Conservative filmmaking at its finest.

Clint Eastwood has dropped the first trailer for his film The 15:17 to Paris, which hits theaters in February, and it looks fantastic.

The film is based on the 2015 true story of three men overpowering a jihadist on a Paris-bound train. What makes this film unique and special is that the three heroes who stopped the attack, two of them members of the U.S. military, play themselves in the movie.

Eastwood continues dominating Hollywood as one of the few openly conservative actors/directors in town and as a storyteller who likes to feature real superheroes instead of the caped kind. His previous films included American Sniper and Sully, both based on real, heroic events. We see this as Eastwood trying to correct the terrible attitudes in America. He was the one who said, “We’re really in a pussy generation. Everybody’s walking on eggshells." Except for Eastwood, who continues showing Hollywood how to glorify actual heroes.

This new trailer truly sets the expectations high for the film. The rousing speech that plays atop the action is motivation enough to see this film, but the fact that the real men recreate their own heroism seals the deal.

Yet, not everyone is as excited as we are. Here’s what Matt Goldberg at Collider had to say:

In the hands of a better filmmaker, this could be an intriguing premise—what if everything in your life led up to this one event that saved the lives of hundreds of people? How did you get there? What makes you special? But in the hands of someone like Eastwood, this reads like a recruitment ad for the military. Nothing diminishes the heroism of these three men, but in Eastwood’s hands, it looks like he’s coasting on their achievements to tell a story that will make some people think that they too can be heroes if they just head down to their local recruitment office.

Um, yeah, that’s usually the first steps in the process. It’s certainly a quicker path to heroism than, say, walking into the offices of Collider with a laptop and a latte, eh, Matt?