Feminist Blogger Who's Afraid of Her Own Sons Doubles Down

She wants you to know exactly why she writes about her kids... to fight the patriarchy, natch.

TruthRevolt has been following feminist blogger Jody Allard who admitted she was afraid of her own sons. Her piece, called, "My teen boys are blind to rape culture," caused her non-raping/non-abusive sons to be nationally humiliated. Allard wrote about one son's reaction:

He doesn’t understand why I lumped him and his brother together in my essay. He sees himself as the “good” one, the one who is sensitive and thoughtful, and who listens instead of reacts. He doesn’t understand that even quiet misogyny is misogyny, and that not all sexists sound like Twitter trolls. He is angry at me now, although he won’t admit that either, and his anger led him to conservative websites and YouTube channels; places where he can surround himself with righteous indignation against feminists, and tell himself it’s ungrateful women like me who are the problem.

Of course, her tone-deaf response caused conservatives to throw their hands in up despair. Many called her abusive. Though she swears she doesn't read all of the email, tweets, blogs, or articles that absolutely slam her parenting, she wrote another piece defending herself.
Setting aside the “abuse” claims for the moment, one of the most interesting aspects of the response to my essay is that it’s emerged that many people don’t actually understand what “rape culture” and “toxic masculinity” mean. Many readers were enraged by what they characterized as my calling my sons rapists or saying that being a man is toxic. Neither could be further from the truth. “Rape culture” does not mean holding a belief that men are rapists (whether my sons or men in general); it refers to a set of societal beliefs that blame women for sexual violence and misogyny, while normalizing sexual violence and aggression. Likewise, “toxic masculinity” does not refer to the idea that men are toxic, but rather that societal conceptions of what it means to be a man are harmful or toxic (particularly to men). With those definitions out of the way, it should be clear that discussing how particular men, even my children, absorb these cultural ideas is in no way “abusing” them. 

Um, no. Not really, Ms. Allard. See, most normal people reject the idea that "societal conceptions of what it means to be a man are harmful or toxic." We also don't believe society "normalizes sexual violence and aggression." You can't just make up stuff and assume it's now "out of the way." We're objecting to your very premises... as well as your characterization of your sons as "unsafe." (Not that you read any of critiques of your writing. Right, Ms. Allard?)  

Feminism causes mothers to turn on their children, to turn away from healthy relationships, and to embrace ideologies that - frankly -- can't be explained even in a series of inane blog posts. For the sake of your children, step away from your laptop and step toward apologizing to your children for your disgraceful writing.

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