Ed Show Guest: Joni Ernst Is A 'Trained Circus Monkey' Of The Kochs

Word salad of left wing buzz words will leave you laughing.

MSNBC's Ed Schultz has been increasingly, visibly, sweatily desperate as the days count down to the election, and his choices in topics and guests reflect that. On Tuesday's show, Ed's guest, radio host Mike Papantonio delivered just what the doctor ordered for the poor, overwrought Ed: a blazingly useless word salad of left-wing buzz words and scare phrases all wrapped up in a neat Koch bow. Harry Reid would be proud (if he were capable of positive emotions).

"The Joni Ernst candidate is the perfect mental and moral blank slate kind of candidate that attracts billionaire, greed-driven conservative groups like the Koch brothers and ALEC and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Reliant, by the way, Reliant Energy is also included in this big money. That's all the big money behind Joni Ernst and it's no coincidence the other Republican poster children for that same group of corporate moral cripples that back Ernst are people like Rick Scott, Scott Walker, and Sam Brownback."

Quite an auspicious start, but then he goes for the real money quote, so to speak.

"Just like Governor Sam Brownback in Kansas, Charles and David Koch are ordering, like a trained circus monkey, ordering Joni Ernst around."

Just like President Obama got away with calling Sarah Palin a pig with lipstick, so this Papantonio outrage-junkie will get off on getting off on fantasizing on national television (well ... MSNBC) about Joni Ernst being commanded by the Imperial Koch Bros. Moral cripples, indeed.

Papantonio is reported to be some sort of radio host and has the adorable nickname "America's Attorney." There's a "right to remain silent" joke in there somewhere.