Schultz for Senate?

Ed Schultz hinted on Tuesday's show that he is willing to run for Senate in Minnesota.

During Tuesday's "Ask Ed Live" segment, Ed Schultz insinuated he was willing to run for U.S. Senate in Minnesota. The liberal MSNBC host, who likes to call himself a progressive, first said he had no interest in running for state office and believes the state is currently in "good hands" under the stewardship of Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar (both Democrats.) 

Schultz said it was a non-issue before adding:

But if they ever stepped out?

He then shrugged and grinned. Schultz frequently does his television and radio shows from his favorite fishing spot in Detroit Lakes, MN. He regularly broadcasts from NBC's studios at 30 Rock in New York City. 

Schultz's opinion that Franken and Klobuchar will be re-elected again may be premature; Breitbart has polling that shows Republicans might stand a chance in strong blue states like Oregon and Minnesota this November.