Dr. Evil Invades SNL -- Disses N. Korea, Sony & GOP

For giving evil organizations a bad name

During Saturday Night Live's cold open, Mike Myers's most villainous character, Dr. Evil, invaded the airwaves to poke fun at North Korea and Sony Pictures for giving "evil organizations a bad name."

In the process, Dr. Evil made a correlation between the acronym for the North Korean hacker organization and the Republican Party:

First of all, the name. When you guys were sitting around and pitching it was one guy like, 'I've got an idea -- Let's call ourselves the Guardians of Peace, or the G.O.P. Hello? Way to go a-holes. There's already a GOP and they're already an evil organization.

Meanwhile, Dr. Evil filed this incident in the "who cares" file and said watching North Korea hackers and Sony Pictures fight over the movie, The Interview, which depicts the assassination of leader Kim Jong-Un, was "like watching two bald men fight over a comb."

Dr. Evil clued North Korea in on how much easier it would have been to kill the movie - "move it to January."

Perhaps Dr. Evil could have served better by advising his former colleagues on how to make SNL funny.

Watch below via NBC: