WaPo Twists Steinle Murder Into 'White Nationalist' Issue

Utterly reprehensible.

Just when you think the mainstream, left-leaning news media can't get any more reprehensible, The Washington Post has decided to take an issue that has at least half the nation in a frothing outrage and poke it with a stick.

After a San Francisco jury's abominable "not guilty" verdict in the case of Kate Steinle's shooting death at the hands of a felonious illegal alien who had come to San Francisco specifically to take advantage of its sanctuary status, American conservatives were -- and remain -- furious about the miscarriage of justice. Meanwhile the left doesn't care about the death of a white American citizen because the shooter was a member of one of their protected victim classes: Mexican illegal aliens with long criminal histories.

Instead of letting the matter lie, having won the case, Washington Post writer Kristine Phillips decided to twist the knife by publishing an article Saturday suggesting that justice for Steinle is a "white nationalist" issue, framing opponents of illegal aliens and sanctuary cities as racists. She links Steinle's defenders and supporters of the wall President Trump has promised to build along our  Mexican border with alt-right figures like Richard Spencer and the "white separatist group" Identity Evropa. It's a disgusting conflation, and the Post ought to be ashamed of itself. But of course, the left has no shame.

The article was ultimately titled, "Calls for ‘Kate’s Wall’ emerge after Mexican immigrant’s acquittal in Steinle killing" (notice that Phillips innocuously describes Steinle's killer, Jose Ines Garcia Zarate, as a "Mexican immigrant" in the headline). But it was originally titled, "White Nationalists angered by Mexican immigrant’s acquittal in Steinle killing" -- as if only white supremacists were angered by it. Anyone with a sense of justice, anyone who wants America to be a nation of laws, was angered by Kate Steinle's unnecessary murder at the hands of a seven-time felon who had already been deported six times. But "white nationalist" is now the left's coded language for neo-Nazi -- i.e. Republican -- and Kristine Phillips' and WaPo's aim with this headline and article was to frame the Steinle narrative as one about white racism.

The article now displays this editorial note: "This story, originally posted Dec. 2, has been updated." Usually such a note mentions what was updated; this time it doesn't -- perhaps because what was changed was the inflammatory original title after it began to get blowback. In any case, WaPo has proven once again why Americans rightfully despise the biased activists who dominate the mainstream news media.