MSNBC Nut Warns Mentally Ill Trump Headed Toward Violence

"What we’re seeing is someone mentally falling apart."

How far is the media willing to go in its attempt to turn America against Donald Trump? Far beyond the limits of any credibility, it turns out.

On MSNBC Sunday, the leftist network pursued a narrative so absurd and pathetic that it may have actually outdone itself. An afternoon guest — no less than a Yale-educated psychologist — claimed that President Trump is so mentally unstable that “we must act soon” lest the president turn violent.

Forensic psychologist Brandy Lee appeared with host Yasmin Vossoughian to discuss Lee's co-written book about The Donald’s mental health, as well as her New York Times op-ed on the same topic. Vossoughian posed an introductory question that teed up the football for her guest's swinging leg: 

"You wrote an opinion piece in The New York Times this week, where you said the President is showing what you called 'a pattern of decompensation' — and I’m quoting your exact words here — increasing loss of touch with reality. That’s some pretty strong words there. What do you mean by that?”

Can you imagine a news network outside of Fox welcoming and legitimizing such a guest, had their subject been Barack Obama?

Responding with the tone and cadence of a hostage reading a ransom note, the co-author of The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump: 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President offered up a very vague, unscientific warning on the emergency state of Trump’s mental condition:

"Well, what we’re saying is that what is happening is serious, it is dangerous, and we must act soon. Much of what we as mental health professionals predicted in the book seven months ago is coming true. What we are now saying is that things will get worse, and get worse rapidly."

Doesn't she mean, "We as deluded Democrats?"

Vossoughian lobbed another softball to keep the ominous narrative in motion:

"But do you think it’s fair to question the sort of competency and the mental health of the sitting President of the United States?"

This is where any competent, unbiased psychiatrist would say, "Not without actually personally examining the patient." Instead, all the contributors to this new book are simply speculating.

"We wouldn’t be speaking out if it [weren't] very serious in terms of the manifestations." 

What manifestations? Lee didn't say, and she wasn't required to -- Vossoughian was so surgically drawing out answers, she sounded as if she were speaking to a small child.

"What was the impetus to speak out then? Why did you feel the need to speak out?"

Lee moved forward with her scary story, once again without qualifying any of her claims:

"What we’re seeing is someone mentally falling apart. This is what we mean when someone is coming unglued or unhinged with stress." 

How is he falling apart? The ridiculousness of Lee's assertion was astounding. Donald Trump's net worth was estimated by Forbes in 2015 at $4.5 billion. He began -- according to Politico -- with a $14 million loan from his father. If those numbers are correct, then Trump grew his money by over 32,000%. For years, he has run an empire, sleeping four to five hours a night. And Lee's suggestion is that he's coming apart due to the stress of his job? Nonetheless, continuing her prognosis:

"[Those who suffer as does Trump] will be less able to tell apart what is real and unreal. Become more bizarre, and in the case of Mr. Trump, will likely become violent. He will have thoughts and reasoning that will be hard for us to follow. Because he is pulled more by his internal processes, what’s going on in his head, be they fantasies, conspiracy theories or imaginary threats, (rather) than what is going on in the real world."

Lee didn't indicate why, "in the case of Mr. Trump," violence was likely. The statement sounded more like that of an asylum inmate than a psychiatrist. And MSNBC more like a joke than a news organization. 

The Left has lost all sense of perspective. Those in the media are so intent upon attacking the President at every opportunity, they can't see that their unhinged efforts only serve to invalidate their message. On Sunday night, MSNBC's message was certainly one of mental illness; just not that of President Trump.