Trump More Accessible to Media Than Obama

But wait, we thought Obama had the most transparent administration in history!

According to several tweets from journalists attending the annual Pointer Journalism Ethics Summit on Monday, President Trump gives them greater access than the President Obama, who boasted he would have the most transparent administration in history.

Washington Post executive editor Marty Baron said:

“It’s not like we had a love-fest with the Obama administration. We tried for 2 years to get an interview. We do better with the current president in terms of access than the last one."

Baron also said about Trump, “He likes to talk to the press as much as he demonizes us."

Another WaPo journalist, homepage editor Doris N. Truong, tagged Baron, saying, “We should have seen Trump — or someone like him — coming, 'before he descended the escalator.' We won’t make that mistake again; reporters are covering every corner of the U.S.”

CNN’s Jim Acosta, who said at the summit that journalists should “resist” Trump when he attacks the press, also said he feels threatened under this administrations:

“People shouldn’t be coming up to me or getting into Twitter saying they want to kill me. A virus injected into our political bloodstream is potentially lethal - sometimes I get frustrated...I do see a pretty severe crisis in this country.”

Having greater access to a sitting president constitutes a crisis? Lighten up, Jim.

H/T Washington Examiner