Documentary Filmmaker on Trump's 'Brilliant Branding Campaign'

"He had seen and done it all when it came to marketing and hype, and he knew how to control the media on a daily basis."

Recently FrontPage Mag posted a review of a new documentary titled Trump: The Art of the Insult by filmmaker Joel Gilbert. Gilbert's previous work includes Dreams From My Real Father, which presents the case that Barack Obama’s real father was Communist propagandist Frank Marshall Davis, and There’s No Place Like Utopia, in which Gilbert sets off across the country in search of the Progressive dream.

Wednesday Gilbert joined Roger Stone at InfoWars for an in-depth discussion about the documentary, about the President's "brilliant branding campaign" throughout the election, and the film's successful screening at the Freedom Center's recent Restoration Weekend.

Check out the review at the link above and the 15-minute interview in the video above.