Cry Wolf: Scarborough and Friends Warn of Nuclear Holocaust

Joe Scarborough is Paul Revere; if Paul Revere needed lithium.

On Monday’s edition of Morning Joe, Joe Scarborough did what he does best:  get together with some people and be patently ridiculous. 


Triggered by Senator Bob Corker’s strong and ominous comments in Sunday’s The New York Times suggesting that the President underestimates the potential of his speech to agitate international relations with volatile regions of the world, Scarborough’s panel—comprised of co-host/fiancee Mika Brzezinski and MSNBC political analysts Steve Schmidt and Elise Jordan—proposed for discussion the scenario of President Donald Trump starting an unprompted nuclear war for no reason other than his “own political means.”  


Schmidt fearmongered…I mean, warned:


“We’re at a dangerous hour in the world, and I do think that there is a real lack of imagination in this country for the magnitude of the type of tragedy we could have with this reckless and irresponsible president.”


Scarborough agreed:


“If you go back and you look at our warning to the Republican party and the American people in early August of 2016 when we’d gotten word from a top foreign policy adviser that Donald Trump asked three times about the ability to use nuclear weapons against places like…North Korea…we have nuclear weapons; why can't we use them?  We asked General Hayden about the clear and present danger of Donald Trump.  If he were president, and he had nuclear weapons or he was in a nuclear showdown, were there any checks?…As I said earlier today, all the warning signs are there."


They’d “gotten word?”  It should be noted that Scarborough never provided proof of this claim, and that the Trump campaign denied that the President had ever asked why he couldn’t employ nuclear weapons.  


"When there's a nuclear incident and a million people in Seattle or Los Angeles or San Francisco die, or all the dependents in South Korea, 100,000 Americans are slaughtered in, you know, a day's worth of fighting," Scarborough continued. "At that point it will be too late for Republicans to say, 'Oh, I get it.'"


Exaggerate much? Or maybe that’s the problem with conservatives:  they just don’t get it.  If only they could see the world as clearly as Joe Scarborough, then they’d understand:


“Republicans really have a responsibility to talk about the imminent threat…that this man poses to the safety and the security of the United States of America…I’m holding it up [he holds up the Times]…I’m going to show you this when something really bad happens.  And I’m gonna ask where you were.  This man is not fit to be President of the United States. So Elise, too late for ‘em…Too late after 100,000 Americans die, in Seoul."


“After a nuclear holocaust,” Jordan added.


"Or after a million die in Seattle," said Scarborough.


"And that’s where we are," Brzezinski chimed in, before adding, wait for it... "This is not an exaggeration."




To rephrase Brzezinski, this is where we are:  this is the current delirium of the Left.  Since the 2016 presidential race, they have worked themselves into a frenzied lather of inconceivable hysterics.  The President has shown no propensity for unprovoked military aggression.  But don’t confuse them with the facts, folks.  They’re going to continue their delusional obsession that President Donald Trump will destroy the world and every good thing that has ever existed.  Because they lost.  They lost.  They just can’t accept that they lost.  And hence, the forlorn cries of the always Mourning Joe.