'Morning Joe' Panelists Dream of Hero to Deliver Us from Trump

"My God, do we need someone like that today.”

On way-out Joe Scarborough's Morning Joe Tuesday, guests pontificated on the "disaster" of Donald Trump, and how the nation needs a hero to save us from Trump's scourge upon the earth. In other words, there was nothing unique about the episode.

During a discussion of Jon Meacham's new book The Soul of America: The Battle for Our Better Angels, the panelists conversed about the historical emergence of unassuming, triumphant leaders who served the greater good in a time of need. Among those mentioned were Franklin D. Roosevelt, Ullyses S. Grant, and Winston Churchill. During the dialogue, MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle noted a "common thread" among such leaders:

"They arrive like a miracle, like a flash of sunlight on a stormy day in this country, and they are, almost to a person, people who understand several elements of life that affect everyone who is normal in this country. They understand loss. They understand what it's like to be hurt, to be damaged within their own lives, within the frameworks of their own existence."

To everyone's agreement, Barnicle punctuated:

“And oh my God, do we need someone like that today.”

Continuing the sentiment, Peggy Noonan of The Wall Street Journal quoted a letter written by Jackie Kennedy following the death of JFK:

"'The hero comes when he is needed. When our belief gets pale and weak, there comes a man out of that need who is bright and shining, and everyone around him reflects some of that glow and stores some up against the day that he is gone. A hero comes from need.' Isn't that pretty?"

Scarborough nodded solemnly.

Associated Press White House Reporter Jonathan Lemire sarcastically added:

“A hero comes from need, which is why Melania Trump is here to talk about cyber bullying right now.”

The Left languish as they continue to mourn the 2016 fair election of our nation's leader. As those on Morning Joe dreamed of a savior, they were completely oblivious to the fact that he's already here -- to save us from them. And his name is Donald J. Trump. To borrow from Christopher Nolan's hit film: Trump may not be the hero America deserves, but he's the one we need right now. And thank God, he's the one we got.