Couple from South Carolina Moving to Canada Because Trump

Can’t help but notice they didn’t choose Mexico.

The BBC News did a profile on a young couple from South Carolina who were so distraught on election night that they concocted a plan to move to Canada to escape the U.S. under Donald Trump. But unlike the multiple threats from angry celebrities to do the same, they're actually doing it.

Robin and Heather Vargas are from Charleston, South Carolina, a state that has overwhelmingly voted Republican in every presidential election since 1980, and say that on election night they were shocked and disheartened that Trump won the presidency. So, they quickly searched how to move to Canada — a joke at first, they said, but one that soon became very real.

The Vargas’s weren’t the only ones to click on Canada’s immigration website that evening. So many people visited the site that it actually crashed. But in the months following, the Vargas’s had done enough research to decide they wanted to live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

“We found that the ideals just aligned more greatly with ours,” Robin Vargas said.

The couple went through the necessary immigration requirements including background checks, employment history, and meeting the minimum amount in a savings account. They’ve procured an apartment, checked on jobs — she an office manager, he a termite inspector — and they can’t wait to get there and live with the “incredible people.”

“I’m excited to just dive into what it is to live like a Canadian,” Robin said.

But here’s the funny thing: the Vargas’s will retain their American citizenship while being Canadian permanent residents. That means they can do everything in the country except vote. Go figure!

Currently, the couple is packing up their belongings, included this scented candle seen in the video, which apparently smells like the prime minister: