Conservative Group Denied Recognition After Meeting Overrun with Activists

Diversity of thought is unwelcome on college campuses.

Conservative students trying to obtain official recognition for a chapter of Turning Point USA at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point were denied after a scheduled 20-minute meeting/vote turned into a three hour-complaint session by student activists.

The president of this TPUSA chapter, Emily Strangfeld, said that the group had done everything it was supposed to do before the meeting. But according to a report by Campus Reform, some surprise last minute changes were thrown in:

According to Strangfeld, the group had already completed all the administrative tasks required to gain recognition for their group, and were told to wait for an email from student government with a date to appear at a meeting where an official vote would take place.

The chapter officers reportedly did not receive said email until the day before the meeting was to take place, giving them very little time to prepare.

The group claims that its faculty advisor also received an email the day before the meeting with new forms and paperwork that had not been previously provided, and which had to be completed before the meeting the following day.

But even still, the group gathered all the necessary paperwork and headed to the meeting. What was supposed to occur was a TPUSA presentation, a brief Q&A session, and then a vote. But what happened was very different, according to the report. Multiple student activists showed up and spoke for hours that TPUSA is “dangerous,” a “threat,” and of course, “a hate speech group.” The activists claimed that having a TPUSA chapter on the UWSP campus would make them feel “unsafe.”

After three hours of this, the conservatives were “allowed a 10-second segment to respond… before the matter went to a closed vote.” The vote came back a denial for official recognition.

This isn’t the first time TPUSA has been targeted by leftists on campus. The group, which seeks to promote free markets and limited government, has a chapter at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania, where a professor is hoping to get the group banned from campus for similar reasons. Because it partners with the David Horowitz Freedom Center and keeps a “Professor Watchlist” to keep leftist academia in check, the Left wants this group shut down, which only proves that diversity of thought on campus is unwelcome.

So much for that all-inclusive sales pitch we hear all the time.