Prof Wants Conservative Group Banned For Promoting ‘White Supremacy, Authoritarianism’

He comes after the David Horowitz Freedom Center, too.

A professor at Bloomsburg University in Pennsylvania is trying to get a conservative student organization’s status revoked because she feels that the group promotes — get ready for this list — “white supremacy, authoritarianism, homophobia, sexism, racism, and anti-Muslim ideologies.”

Philosophy Professor Wendy Lynne Lee believes Turning Point USA (TPUSA), which describes itself as a pro-freedom, pro-free markets, and pro-limited government organization, is actually advancing bigotry. 

Lee wrote in an e-mail to The Washington Free Beacon that she has been in contact with Neil Strine, who is a political science professor and adviser to the College Republicans on campus, to give her reasons why Bloomsburg’s TPUSA chapter should be banned from campus. She insisted that if the group was simply “conservative/libertarian/Pro-Capitalism” it would be “just fine.”

“But TPUSA has a number of other serious issues,” Lee wrote.

She dragged our own David Horowitz Freedom Center, which partners with TPUSA, into the fray and considers our organization “bigoted,” as well as another conservative group, the Heartland Institute, which she believes promotes “climate change denial.”

By Lee’s account, TPUSA promotes a “white supremacist and misogynist worldview… [and] far-right authoritarianism with… a patently racist, sexist, and homophobic agenda."

The Free Beacon adds:

Lee said her main problem is that TPUSA uses the Bloomsburg name and logo on social media in conjunction with its chapter on campus. TPUSA should not be permitted to have an official presence on Bloomsburg's campus, according to Lee, because it suggests the university and the Community Government Association (CGA) align their mission with that of Turning Point.

Lee insists that TPUSA’s views are “plainly way out of the rational mainstream” and added, "These are folks who'd support Roy Moore for the Senate, birthers, truthers, climate change deniers, and white supremacists.”

The professor was told that TPUSA is allowed to use the university logo because they have been approved by the CGA. Lee doesn’t accept and asked if the CGA would also approve a Ku Klux Klan organization, implying the two groups hold similar views.

In the days after Lee’s complaint, signs appeared in a window on campus which is believed to have been done by a faculty member, though he/she wasn’t identified. The posters read, “Reject white supremacism” and “Reject BU Turning Point.”

Lee takes much issue that TPUSA keeps a Professor Watchlist on its website to point out the real authoritarians who endanger college campuses, which will undoubtedly feature her name sometime soon.