College Student who Killed Cop Used Stolen Gun

But if we only had one more gun law…

A 19-year-old Texas Tech University student has been charged with capital murder after pulling a gun on a campus police officer and shooting him in the head. The murder occurred Monday night inside the police department after officers brought Hollis Daniels in for drug possession. Daniels produced a gun and killed the officer at his desk, took the officer’s body camera, and fled on foot. He was later apprehended.

In initial reports, it was unknown whether Daniels took a gun from a police officer, or if he smuggled a gun into the station. The latter is now confirmed. Somehow, officers missed that he was carrying a weapon. How that happened remains unclear. Officers came to Daniels dorm room to conduct a welfare check after they were called with a complaint that the suspect was acting erratic and might have a weapon, Fox News reported. As they searched the premises they found only drugs and paraphernalia, but no gun.

But there’s something else about the gun in question: it was stolen. After each shooting in the United States, the gun control crowd issues demands on more gun laws as if that might be the thing that stops a shooting. Yet, here you have a teenager breaking one law and acquiring a stolen weapon. He broke a second state law by being too young to possess a gun. Third, Daniels broke the campus carry law signed by Gov. Greg Abbott in 2015 which allows students to carry concealed only if they are 21 and up, among other stipulations. Then, of course, there’s possessing illegal drugs and that whole “Thou shall not kill” thing. Daniels proved he wasn't interested in keeping any of the laws on the books. This is just another example of how asinine it is to think one more law would've prevented Daniels' deed.

It should also be mentioned that Daniels, and his mother, are progressive leftists and a search of their social media accounts (as we did here), shows he supported Bernie Sanders and she supported Hillary Clinton. That tells us a lot about the mindset of the suspect.

But the worst part of the whole story is that the 48-year-old officer, Floyd East, Jr. will never come back home to his wife or two daughters. Officer East began working at the Lubbock-based school in May. Let's at least pause for a moment and remember him: