Texas Tech Student, Drug User, Bernie/Obama Fan, Assassinates Cop

Cold-blooded killer at only 19 years old.

On Monday evening, 19-year-old Texas Tech University communications arts student Hollis Daniels pulled a gun and shot a campus police officer in the head during a standard debriefing at police headquarters.

According to multiple reports, Daniels, whose full name is Hollis Alvin James Reid Daniels, was brought in by campus police Monday night after a welfare check of his dorm room turned up evidence of drugs and drug paraphernalia. While Daniels spoke with an officer at a desk, he pulled a gun and shot the unidentified officer and fled on foot. The entire campus was put on lockdown under an active shooter warning until Daniels was tackled and apprehended near the Lubbock Municipal Coliseum around 9:30 p.m. The suspect told officers that he “f***ed up” and did “something illogical.”

A local Lubbock news organization obtained the warrant for the case which describes what happened in more detail. It is still unclear if Daniels was carrying the weapon or swiped it at the police station:

[He was arrested] for possession of a control substance. Officer XXXX transported Hollis Daniels to the Texas Tech Police Department where Officer XXXX was completing booking paperwork for Hollis Daniels arrest.

Officer XXXX was completing paperwork at the computers in the briefing room. Corporal Snelson observed Officer XXXX facing the computers while Hollis Daniels was facing in the opposite direction. Officer XXXX and Hollis Daniels were slightly offset from each other. At the time Hollis Daniels was not wearing handcuffs. Corporal Snelson left the briefing room and went to an office nearby.

[Snelson] heard a bang from the briefing room. Corporal Snelson went back into the briefing where he saw Officer XXXX with an apparent gunshot wound. Hollis Daniels was no longer in the room. A .45 caliber shall casing was located near Officer XXXX, Corporal Snelson also advised Officer XXXX’s police body camera was missing and Officer XXXX’s pistol was in his holster.

A .45 caliber pistol loaded with RP ammunition was located where Hollis Daniels was arrested. A police body camera was also located near where Hollis Daniels was arrested. Hollis Daniels stated to officers that he was the one that shot their friend.

After Daniels was reapprehended, the campus lockdown was lifted.

Daniels had already been in trouble with campus police last year when he was arrested for marijuana possession. It has yet to be made clear why this time it escalated.

As expected, most mainstream media outlets are ignoring the story altogether. Perhaps what follows is one reason why.

A quick perusal of Daniels’ Facebook page turns up the inconvenient fact that he is a fan of Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama, not to mention the Breaking Bad series:

He is also a big fan of rap music and appears to harbor much of the anti-cop sentiments many artists push. Another “like” on his Facebook page is for the non-profit organization Million Hoodies, which describes itself as “a human rights membership organization building next generation leaders to end anti-black racism and systemic violence.” One of Daniels’ posts on Instagram supports a once purposed fight between rap artist DMX and the man who shot and killed Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman.

Daniels also hailed from a well-connected family in Seguin, Texas. His father was a former city councilman and the family has owned several movie theater properties since the 1960s. His mother’s Facebook page sheds more insight into the progressive politics of the family. Janis Turk likes pages such as “Proud Progressive,” “Gone Left,” “Donald Trump is a Douchebag,” and “I Loved to Wake Up in the Morning When Barack Obama was President:”

So, it would appear as though Daniels fits the description of the typical Bernie Sanders-loving, anti-cop leftists who seem to have a pension for opening fire on unsuspecting people considered their political enemy, such as in the Steve Scalise shooting. And thus, media silence.