Ambushed Cop Shot in Head in Crime-Ridden Baltimore

Chicagoland II

The unidentified homicide detective who was ambushed and shot in the head in Baltimore on Wednesday has died.

The 18-year veteran officer, who leaves behind a wife and five children, was in the Harlem Park neighborhood investigating a murder with his partner when a man acting suspiciously approached and opened fire. The shooting led to a shelter-in-place lockdown inside the community while police searched for the shooter who is still on the loose. Currently, there is a $69,000 reward if information leads to an arrest.



Baltimore Police Commissioner Kevin Davis said, “This is a dangerous profession. This is a dangerous job. Police officers know that at any given time they could confront someone who wants to do them harm, and that's exactly what happened tonight. With this community, we’re going to identify him, we’re going to arrest him, and we’re going to ensure justice is done.”

The crime rate in and around Baltimore is growing at an alarming rate. As Fox News noted, the city of less than 620,000 residents has already recorded over 300 homicides this year. That’s half of Chicago which just recorded its 600th, but that's for a population of almost 3 million. 

Baltimore is one of the epicenters for the Black Lives Matter movement and many have marched there — and rioted — against police brutality. But like Chicago, no one seems to be addressing the real epidemic in these cities — people brutalizing each other.


Photo credit: scoutnurse via / CC BY-NC-SA