CNN's Hill Asks Black People to Choose a Candidate Who'll 'Make Our Dreams Come True'

"Think beyond a limited political imagination…"

CNN political commentator Marc Lamont Hill posed a question on Wednesday evening's CNN Tonight encouraging black people to ask themselves, "Who has the capacity to make our dreams come true," when choosing to support Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders for president. 

Host Don Lemon seemed to like the premise and repeated it to his guest Bakari Sellers, who as a Clinton supporter, laughed off some of Hill's attacks against his favored candidate's record.

Admitting to not being a Sanders supporter, Hill continued lambasting Clinton and her support of the crime bill that her husband's administration instituted back in the '90s and reasoned that if she was "an advisor" to those things at that time, might that indicate that she is "against the interests of black folk."

Clinton is receiving a large share of black support but has recently taken some direct heat from "Black Lives Matter" protestors, especially one who calmly interrupted a fundraising speech holding a sign with something she previously said about black people: "We have to bring them to heel." The young woman was ushered off after she kept repeating another accusation from Clinton, "I am not a super-predator."

It is these comments from her past that are coming back to haunt her, but like everything else, the Clinton-pantented Teflon® coating protects them from any and all scandals.

Here is Hill's complete statement from Lemon's program:

I think right now black voters have to think beyond a limited sort of political imagination, as white voters do, and say, "Who has the capacity to make our dreams come true?" Not in a, you know, in a "great by and by" sense, but in a very practical, political sense. Who can make policy that actually operates in our best interests? And that's a question for Hillary and Bernie.