BLM Activists Interrupt Hillary Clinton Event Over Candidates Record on Race Relations

"We have to bring them to heel."

Democrat frontrunner Hillary Clinton faces an array of credibility problems. Conservatives are usually the first to point them out, but as Democrat primaries continue, the issue is whether Clinton's usual supporters will take notice of her credibility issues, too. 

It seems so. Two Black Lives Matter activists interrupted a private event for Clinton Wednesday night in Charleston, South Carolina, to assail the candidate on her race-relations record. MSN reports that BLM activist Ashley Williams interrupted the festivities to demand the presidential hopeful answer for inconsistencies on her record and to explain a comment she made in 1996 that seemed to disparage at-risk youth. 

For the record, Williams and the other BML activist in attendance did not crash the event. Rather, they contributed a $500 donation to attend the private affair:

​Williams said she and her colleague strategically placed themselves at the front of the crowd and waited until Clinton appeared. Speakers introducing Clinton around 9:30 p.m. Wednesday night spoke of Walter Scott, the Charleston A.M.E. shootings and how Clinton had a strong record of racial justice.

As Clinton spoke to the crowd, Williams stood to her side and held a sign quoting controversial statements made in 1996 when she said "we have to bring them to heel" in reference to at-risk youth. 

Williams said when Clinton paused and looked at her sign, she then asked the former secretary of state to apologize to black people for mass incarceration. The mostly white audience yelled at Williams and told her she was being rude. 

So when BLM activists try to bully a Democrat presidential contender it's "rude," but by all means, please fire away at the "racist Republicans" who deserve it! 

Williams went on to tell the Huffington Post in a subsequent interview that she wanted to "bring her [Clinton] to confront her own words": 

"We did this because we wanted to make sure that black people are paying attention to her record, and we want to know what Hillary we are getting."

Williams, who is from Charlotte, North Carolina, said she was motivated to protest because policies during President Bill Clinton's administration led to an increase in mass incarceration that mostly struck black communities. She pointed to the three-strike federal laws, the elimination of rehabilitative programs and an emphasis on prison construction that were part of the Clinton legacy on crime.

Ever the champion for black causes, Hillary Clinton's Secret Service reportedly threw Williams out of the event. Now that's good PR, Clinton.