CNN Ratings Soar Over Coverage Of Missing Flight

Despite criticism, beleaguered network seeing surge in viewership

The criticism CNN has received over its nearly singular focus on the missing Malaysian Air flight hasn't deterred its coverage, nor has it prevented a surge in its ratings. According to the AP, despite the relative lack of new information to be reported, CNN spent "the bulk" of its airtime Friday on the story of missing Boeing 777.

Friday was but the latest day in which the beleaguered network, currently in third place behind rivals Fox News and MSNBC, devoted an overwhelming majority of its coverage to the missing plane, and its crew. And their ratings indicate, while the little new information has yet to be uncovered, CNN has managed to locate a significant number of new viewers, averaging 588,000 viewers for the day on Thursday, an increase of 45 percent over its average this year. Anderson Cooper doubled his ratings to 1.1 million viewers on Thursday.

As TruthRevolt covered, CNN has even gone so far as to show people how to shut down a transponder on the air.