Shapiro: Obama Administration a 'Mafia-esque Organization'

They do exactly as he wants and the president expresses outrage

On Friday's The Kelly File on Fox News, TruthRevolt founder Ben Shapiro spoke of the government's perpetual lack of accountability, led by a president who conveniently avoids taking responsibility for his own scandals.

Host Megyn Kelly began by discussing the IRS investigation into the lost emails of ex-IRS official Lois Lerner. Initially, Kelly stated, Democrats and Republicans were both equally outraged. But as time has gone by, Democrats have lost their outrage, reinforced by President Obama, who insists not one smidgen of corruption is involved. Kelly said it was like IRS employees were saying, "Whoops! We're sorry, we lost basically all of the evidence you need to prove your case against me."

Shapiro responded with a compelling analogy:

I thought the best part of the IRS emails was the part where it said, P.S., this message will self-destruct in five seconds. It is amazing how these emails have just disappeared and we're all supposed to believe that. But the truth is that this is sort of -- it's a Mafia-esque organization. The Obama administration, and the Executive Branch in general, have become a situation where you have basically somebody at the top who issues blanket statements, and then somebody at the lower level just kind of goes ahead and does exactly what it is that he wants. There never has to be a direct order. The president doesn't have to order Lois Lerner to crack down on conservative groups. All he has to do is go out there and talk about how terrible conservative groups are, and you have to have Democratic senators write a few letters to the IRS, and then lo and behold, the IRS does exactly what it is that he wants and the president expresses outrage and then time goes by and they all turn into phony scandals. 

Kelly clarified that Shapiro wasn't actually accusing the president of running a mafia organization, but noted his point. Shapiro furthered the comparison, stumping Kelly in the process with a throwback to medieval history:

It's Henry II and Thomas Becket, right? -- "Will no one rid me of this troublesome priest?" And then somebody kind of rids him of this troublesome priest.

Kelly raised the issue of the Obama administration "complying with their legal obligations," something Shapiro charged is completely absent, especially in light of the latest Redskins trademark debacle:

This administration never complies with its legal obligations. It uses the Executive Branch as a tool to go after political opponents. I mean just this week, we saw what happened with the trademark office rejecting the Washington Redskins trademark. Where in trademark law does it say that a trademark that's been established over a period of decades, all of a sudden now it's become offensive? And now we're going to revoke it?

Kelly reckoned that to the seizing of property rights -- "dollars and cents they're taking from a team that built up that trademark over the years." Shapiro agreed and said it is by design:

That's the whole design. The people who that really helps are the people who are manufacturing knock-off product in China, and then shipping it here, and selling it down by the pier over here, right? Those are the people who benefit from this. But I'm hard pressed to see how the Native American population -- which has a 49% dropout rate before Native Americans reach college -- I'm hard pressed to see how this actually helps Native Americans. It's just another political point, Megyn.

Pointing out recent polls indicating that a vast majority of Native Americans are not bothered by the NFL team's name and only a specific subgroup wants to see it changed, Kelly wanted to know the role lap dogs in the media play in keeping scandals like these alive. Shapiro pointed out how the media uses its focus to stay on the stories that fit their narrative:

The problem is the media also has a very short attention span. So when George W. Bush, who they hated, was the president, then all these scandals lasted for the duration of his administration. Whereas with President Obama -- honestly as a conservative it feels like it's a scandal a month, and then every so often, President Obama decides to replace one scandal with another, the media loses interest. Two years later, we're still asking the same questions and then told, 'Well dude, that happened two years ago.' Tommy Vietor, I mean he literally said that about Benghazi. Whenever there's a scandal, the time goes by and we're supposed to kind of let that go. And the truth is, the policing organization here, the organization that was supposed to make sure criminality doesn't happen, is lead by probably the worst criminal in the administration, Eric Holder, who has actually been held in contempt by Congress. He is a criminal. I mean, he's been held in contempt by Congress. He doesn't care about that. He's essentially obstructed justice on multiple cases ranging from Fast and Furious to the DOJ investigation of reporters, including a Fox News reporter, and that's what this administration does.

Shapiro's latest book, The People Vs. Barack Obama: The Criminal Case Against the Obama Administration, is available now.