Chuck Todd Wonders If Cops Can Be Trained to Remove 'Prejudice and Hate' from Their Hearts

Even Al Sharpton didn't stoop that low… this time.

Chuck Todd delivered a doozy of a soundbite Friday on MSNBC's Morning Joe, wondering aloud if "prejudice and hate" could ever be trained out of police officers' hearts.

Even Al Sharpton, who sat alongside Todd, couldn't top that one.

In the middle of a very, and surprisingly, reasonable conversation about the shooting death of Philando Castile, the man shot by a Minnesota officer when he reached for his ID while lawfully carrying a gun, the Meet the Press host blurted out:

"How do you train prejudice and hate out of somebody's heart? That's a tough thing."

The room was silent. Sharpton stared. Todd struggled with the silence, bumbling a few more words out of his mouth before the segment moved on.

As Legal Insurrection noted, the entire Morning Joe panel did a "very decent job" of covering the overnight shootings in Dallas, as well as the recent police shootings of the two black men, and yet Todd managed to out-bias the biggest race-baiter of them all, Rev. Sharpton.

Prior to Todd's wrongheaded remarks, co-host Mika Brzezinski practically defended the officer who shot Castile, saying she didn't view him as a bad cop, but a scared cop. Sharpton's point was that being scared is a justifiable reaction, but pulling the trigger on an innocent man during a traffic stop is not.

The entire panel agreed that the matter comes down to training, professionalism, and de-escalating situations.

Perhaps someone could train Chuck Todd on how to be a professional and de-escalate his biased journalism. Which begs the question: Can media bias be trained out of the hearts of NBC journalists?