Chuck Todd: ‘Trump’s War on Media Really a War on Truth

That’s not a subject you’re that familiar with, Chucky boy.

For Chuck Todd’s “I’m Obsessed” segment on MSNBC’s Meet the Press Daily, the subject was President Trump’s “war on the media” and how the host thinks it’s “really a war on  the truth.”

“I’m obsessed with the White House’s war on the press and on media,” Todd said. “And let’s be clear about this: that war is nothing less than a war on the truth.”

“Do we get it right all the time?” Todd asked. “Nope, we don’t, and when we don’t, we run a correction and in some cases, people lose their jobs.”

Todd praised CNN for its recent retraction and apology, then admitted his own network’s public apologies when it got the story wrong. 

“We take what we do seriously,” Todd continued straight-faced. “Because trust -- viewers’ and readers’ trust -- is all we have and without that, we’re nothing.”

Confidently, Todd went on to say that journalists get fired for lying (really?!) in order to frame his argument that the Trump administration has an unfair advantage when it comes to the truth:

“Of course the White House attacks, delegitimizes the media to create running room for its version of events. It’s as old as the media itself. 

“The White House is not above using anonymous sources to criticize the use of anonymous sources, nor to promote what even it admits could be a lie to call others liars.”

Todd took extreme offense at deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders daring to suggest the undercover Project Veritas video that exposed CNN peddling fake news is a “disgrace to all of media.” Sanders qualified her statement, saying “if it is accurate.”

Todd exploded:

“Excuse me?! You got that? ‘I don’t know whether it’s accurate or not, but go take a look at it because it disgraces you?’ Seriously?!

“And that’s been this White House’s M.O. — Peddle a false story to claim the media is telling false stories. 

“Sarah Huckabee Sanders was just a bit more honest, apparently, about that White House dishonesty.

“So, no, Mr. President, no, White House press shop; the media is not the enemy of the people. We’re just here to find, as Carl Bernstein put it so well, ‘the best obtainable version of the truth.’ And sometimes, the truth hurts. It can hurt us and yes, even you, Mr. President.”

Watch below: