Chuck Todd Shut Down by Tom Cotton for Citing Anonymous Sources


Chuck Todd was given a harsh lesson in relying too much on anonymous sources by Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton on Sunday’s Meet the Press.

Todd wanted to know when the Trump/Russia ties allegation were going to reach the level of warranting a special prosecution like the one Cotton asked for with the IRS scandal.

Cotton plainly stated a decision like that is “far down the road” in this case because “there is no credible evidence of these contacts beyond anonymous sources in the media.”

“And I’ve got to tell you,” Cotton added, “anonymous sources can’t always be trusted.”

Au contraire, argued Todd, saying, “Anonymous sources are how we find out about a lot of scandal in this country.”

Then Cotton brought the reality, stunning Todd:

“Anonymous sources said Steve Bannon drove from the White House to the Department of Homeland Security to confront John Kelly, which we now know is not the truth. That’s not like the tone of a conversation, that is someone’s physical whereabouts.”

Todd attempted to enact further protests, but Cotton wasn’t having it: “You cannot credit stories that are based on anonymous sources. You should look into them especially if you're in a position of responsibility, but you can't simply credit them.”

And Todd quickly changed the subject.