Students for Justice in Palestine Turning College Campuses into Anti-Free Speech Zones

They’re “engaging in intellectual tyranny” and “terrorism of the mind.”

The terror-tied, anti-Israel campus group Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) is doing more than peddling its anti-Semitic hatred, it’s ushering in a new wave of threats to the already endangered free speech at America’s colleges.

SJP Unmasked” is a new report co-authored by Dan Diker and Jamie Berk of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs that uncovers the rise in violence and physical intimidation by SJP members. But to understand the group’s end-game, the report, parsed by The Washington Free Beacon, details the troublesome origins and affiliations of SJP:

Students for Justice in Palestine is a byproduct of American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), an organization whose leaders were former members and supporters of Palestinian and Islamist terror organization," according to the report. AMP was formed after several U.S.-based Muslim organizations dissolved between 2001 and 2011 following a federal case that found the groups had funneled money to Hamas, write Diker and Berk…

One AMP board member, Saleh Sarsour, served jail time in Israel for his Hamas activities, according to Schanzer. Sarsour used his Milwaukee, Wis., furniture store "to pass money to Adel Awadallah, the leader of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas' armed wing," explains the JCPA report.

SJP activists have applauded terrorists and their methods, inviting terrorists to speak and lauding Palestinian murderers as "martyrs" on social media.

That includes Khader Adnan Mohammed Musa, who works with the federally designated terrorist group Islamic Jihad. SJP members regularly praise him online and in at least one case, invited him to give a speech via Skype at American University in the nation’s capitol. Other known terrorists, like the recently deported Rasmea Odeh, also found much support from SJP members.

The report also noted how SJP is ramping up the violence and intimidation even in open debate, as occurred in 2014 at Temple University when an SJP member “punched a student in the face and called him a ‘kike' and ‘baby-killer' for asking to discuss Israel.” Similar reports of physical intimidation are popping up on campuses nationwide. And that’s what’s leading to SJP’s new brand of terrorism, according to Diker:

"SJP is engaging in intellectual tyranny, a terrorism of the mind. They threaten the principles of democracy in this country.

"This is not an issue of taking away the free speech for SJP, but for taking back the free speech of others that SJP has kidnapped.”

The Free Beacon quoted Palestinian journalist Khaled Abu Toameh who has been protested by SJP during campus visits to the point he no longer schedules speaking engagements because of threats of violence. Toameh condemns the group’s hypocrisy:

“They want to be pro-Palestinian? What about opposing the arrests of journalists by both the Palestinian Authority (PA) and Hamas? What about justice for Palestinians facing the persecution of corrupt leaders? Try to help Palestinians, instead of just hating Israel. Stop blaming Israel for all my peoples' miseries."

Some colleges are wising up to SJP’s bad behavior, as is the case with Fordham University in the Bronx where an SJP club application was denied because other students feared another chapter on campus would increase an already volatile anti-Israel sentiment by pro-Palestine students and further infringe on their First Amendment rights to oppose them.

And their tactics show no signs of slowing. SJP struck again this week at the University of Illinois, highlighting the report’s warnings. An ex-Israeli Defense Force soldier was interrupted during his speech and shouted down by SJP members who laughed at him and mocked the death of his grandfather who was killed for being Jewish. Their signs read, “Fascists off our campus,” which is exactly what needs to happen to SJP.

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