If Biden’s Gonna Run in 2020, He’s Going to Have to Address That Creepy Footage

Time to come to grips with your handsy-ness!

As TruthRevolt’s Brian Lilley reported, Crazy Uncle Joe Biden could be eyeing a run against President Trump in 2020. But if he’s going to do that, the former vice president is going to have to address the creepy footage of him at the Senate swearing-in ceremony from two years ago.

Biden’s hands-on approach with women has been well documented in the media and here on TruthRevolt. Meanwhile, Hollywood is imploding with detailed accounts of sex abuse and pedophilia; journalists are getting outed as serial predators; and right now, the entire political world is focused on accusations that Senate candidate Roy Moore sexually harassed and assaulted teen girls when he was in his 30s and beyond. And as if hell had frozen over, even Bill Clinton’s chickens came home to roost as The New York Times finally decided to believe the rape accusations of Juanita Broaddrick after a couple of decades. So, when will Biden’s questionable interactions with young girls be addressed?

There are many clips of that Senate ceremony getting passed around again, showing Biden stroking the hair and faces of pre-teen girls. Many appear uncomfortable that he is grabbing them by their arms and pulling them in close to whisper in their ears. He also kisses them and compliments how pretty they are. Biden noticed every girl that came into his presence and repeated the same lines: telling the girl’s brother to keep the boys away; telling the girls not to date until they’re 30, even really young girls. To be fair, after watching the full clip from C-SPAN in context, he was also complimentary of the “handsome” guys that came through and had his hands on their shoulders when posing. He asked for photos alone with a few of the boys, as he did with a couple of young girls. But it’s clear that his communication with the females was VERY different from the others.

The entire clip is embedded below, but click here for a Twitter thread that separates most instances into shorter clips. This author doesn’t agree with every allegation leveled in the thread, and believes some of the perceived actions are conjecture and misleading out of context. However, there is still plenty of moments that are concerning, especially at a time when women feel objectified by powerful men.