Chuck Todd Fails Hard on Illegal Immigration Facts

Separating "fact" from "fiction"

On Sunday's Meet the Press on NBC, Chuck Todd spectacularly failed at his stated goal of separating fact from fiction surrounding Donald Trump's charges against illegal immigration by ignoring the one word that is crucial in the debate -- illegal.

For his "Nerdscreen" segment, Todd proudly proclaimed that he and his bosses at NBC couldn't find a single study that linked immigration to rising crime.

"It turns out," Todd began, "there is no evidence to back up Trump's now famous claim that immigrants are rapists and bringing crime into the states." Except that Trump was specifically talking about ILLEGAL immigration -- a very important detail in this debate.

Yet, Todd continued barreling through, conveniently forgetting about the various murders in sanctuary cities:

We actually did find one study that says the crime rate among first-generation immigrants born elsewhere, is actually lower than the overall crime rate of all residents in the United States.

Though Todd said Trump is right in saying that America has a border problem, he excitedly showed a graphic indicating that in 2012, one million less "unauthorized immigrants" came across from Mexico than in 2007. Of course, that number was still 11.2 million. Hardly progress.

Todd also proposed that Mexican migration is at a "zero net" sum, meaning just as many immigrants are coming into the U.S. as are leaving to Mexico. But again, Todd doesn't differentiate between legal and illegal.

As far as border security, Todd gives its effectiveness a "B" average, because journalism.

Watch the full spin below:



#Nerdscreen: Chuck separates fact from fiction on the immigration debate.

Posted by Meet the Press on Sunday, July 19, 2015