Chelsea Handler Wants to Have Sex with a Republican

"To achieve some level of bipartisanship."

There are a lot of ways to engage with people across the aisle in an effort better to understand them. You could read more about their philosophy, perhaps watch a documentary or two. Common sense would tell you simply to have a conversation with someone. Of course, none of these things is going to get you a whole bunch of retweets and isn't that what subpar comedian Chelsea Handler really wants? (Hint: it is). So, she has a different plan. 

When she says "voluntarily," does she mean for herself or the Republican, because the replies to that tweet make it sound like she's going to have a heck of a time getting anyone to agree. For example:

Now, why would a Republican not want to sleep with her? Maybe because of her vile treatment of Melania Trump and Sarah Huckabee Sanders. Maybe because she's said she would prefer Kim Jung Un to President Trump. Maybe it's because she actually believes the NRA is to blame for school shootings or Trump is to blame for California wildfires. 

Republicans are a pretty patriotic bunch, but we're skeptical that Chelsea will be able to find a Republican out there who is willing to sacrifice that much for the sake of the country.