Chelsea Handler Promotes Feminism But Attacks, Fat-Shames Sarah Huckabee Sanders

“A someone who supports other women. Your daughter is...a liar."

The Left isn’t directed by principle. They are motivated by an insatiable desire to acquire power in order to impose their rule. Their words and actions often conflict, because they are not guided by evenly-applied mores. They praise minorities, unless they are conservatives. They fight white power, unless those in authority are Democrats. And, as illustrated by leftist Chelsea Handler, they support women — unless they are Republicans.

On Thursday, Handler — one of television history's least funny “comedians” — posted a tweet aimed at former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee regarding his daughter, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders:

“A feminist @GovMikeHuckabee is someone who supports other women. A feminist is someone who believes the accounts of 15 different women who have similar stories about our President. A feminist doesn’t discount other women. Your daughter is not a feminist. You raised a liar.”



Chandler's hypocrisy, of course, is as vast as her intellect is miniscule. She believes that women should be supported because they're women — the very anti-intellectual, discriminatory foundation of identity politics. Furthermore, in attacking Sanders, Handler is defining herself as the opposite of feminist. But wait — the Left don’t believe they have to follow their own words; they merely believe they have to utter them. Preaching platitudes, despite ignoring them, makes them morally superior. How else would one explain Chandler’s self-identification as a feminist, given this parody video of Sanders she posted less than an hour after she tweeted to Mike Huckabee?


Beyond the immaturity of insulting a woman’s looks — with comments like “My face is a big fat biscuit” — Handler curiously finds it funny to fat-shame Sanders, while at the same time riding the supposed high horse of support for all women.

Chelsea Handler represents the absolute worst left-wing women have to offer: she’s too virtueless to follow her own stated moral code, and too vapid to comprehend -- or care -- that she’s violating it.