Behar: ‘Nobody’ in Hollywood Ridicules Trump or His Supporters

She's officially senile.

On Friday's edition of The View, Joy Behar squawked out yet another absurdity, this time telling her conservative co-host, Meghan McCain, that "nobody" in Hollywood is condescending to Trump supporters in particular or conservatives in general. 

The conversation focused on the upcoming weekend broadcast of the Academy Awards, emceed by political activist late night host Jimmy Kimmel. The panel cawed over how the left-wing ringmaster might navigate through current issues such as gun control and sexual harassment.

Behar had a novel idea: rather than delving into subject matter that may offend or divide, why not stick to a universal crowd pleaser: anti-Trump jokes:

“I think he does amazing Trump jokes. Because I mean, free for all on that one. I think after he killed with Trump jokes then Trump will say he has no talent. That's what he said about Alec Baldwin -- 'He has no talent’ -- because he's funny. He said it about me, put it in his book -- I have no talent -- when I did a hair joke about him. That’s what he’ll do.”

Joy advised against any comments regarding sexual harassment, given that the humor could be "misinterpreted":

"That does not work in this environment.”

McCain disagreed with Behar's recommendation of Trump humor, saying she's had enough of Hollywood's jabs at the President and conservatives. Pointing out a ratings dive for recent awards shows, she also bashed the painfully propagandized Hillary Clinton appearances at this year's Grammys, about which left-wing ABC News fawned, "Hillary Clinton wows with surprise cameo":

“I have no interest in being lectured to, about my friends who are Trump supporters. If Hollywood wants to be, like, be more inclusive as they claim they are -- they’re all inclusive, except when it comes to conservative values and except when it comes to Republicans. And I'm not interested in watching that!”

Behar was perplexed:

“Nobody is doing that. Nobody does that."

How could she say that with a straight face?

She and McCain bickered, with Behar reiterating:

“Nobody is making a joke about Trump supporters. I have not heard it anywhere.”


Since Donald Trump's rise as a top pick for the Republican nominee for president -- and, even more so, following his ascension to the highest office of the land -- Hollywood and the leftist media (including Joy Behar) have been relentless with their insane accusations of the President and his supporters -- not to mention conservatives in general -- from calling the President an evil white supremacist to saying those on the Right want to murder children. To deny such a thing is nothing short of wholly delusional.

Furthermore, the fact that an entertainment awards show host's prospective sociopolitical grandstanding could be considered a relevant topic of conversation is a truly sad state of affairs. For decades, Tinseltown held ceremonies such as the Oscars without partisan political or social commentary. 

For those who long for a return to the days when entertainment didn't take political sides -- and pre-social justice frivolity was the order of the day -- here's a look back at Hollywood's more playful era: