Kimmel: Tread Lightly On Sexual Assault, But as For GOP, ‘You Can’t Go Too Far

"I think that it's almost necessary now."

Quite a while ago, once-likable talk show host Jimmy Kimmel unfortunately morphed into a clone of the left-wing pundits pervading the airwaves. Unlike predecessors such as Johnny Carson, Ed Sullivan, and Jay Leno, Kimmel at some point decided not only to wear his politics on his sleeve, but to essentially make clear the fact that, if you don't agree with him, he doesn't need you in the audience. Speaking to Paula Faris on fellow-network show Good Morning America Tuesday, the late night emcee and ringmaster for the upcoming Oscars announced his intention to take his anti-conservative, anti-Trump rhetoric to Hollywood's biggest night of broadcast narcissism.

As for any jokes during the awards show addressing Tinseltown's problem with sexual misconduct, Kimmel confessed that he was nervous about"[striking] the right tone." Expounding, he said:

"This show is not about reliving people's sexual assaults...It's an award show for people who have been dreaming about maybe winning an Oscar for their whole lives. And the last thing I want to do is ruin that for making it unpleasant. That's not what I want to do...I do think about that."

Kimmel -- who, apparently lives in an elitist, partisan bubble so small that he assumes all TV viewers are politically in sync with the almost entirely left-wing stars and starlets who will comprise the Academy Awards audience -- announced that, when it comes to politicizing his own show by ridiculing conservatives, gun owners, and our Republican president, the sky's the limit:

"I don't think you can go too far."

Regarding his divisive leftist evangelism -- seen perpetually on his nightly show -- Faris asked:

"Do you think that maybe there have been times where you've pushed the envelope too far and maybe become a little too political?"

Kimmel was resolute:

"No, I don't. Not at all. I don't think you can go too far. I think that, you know, I'm still doing a comedy show, and I need to be funny and entertain my audience, but I also think that we've matured enough to the point where we can accept late night talk show hosts speaking about a serious subject, and I think that it's almost necessary now."

Therefore -- in the mind of Jimmy Kimmel -- sexual assault can be downplayed, yet conservatives must be excoriated. Kimmel is so far removed from middle America that he believes radical left-wingers attacking the 2nd Amendment or otherwise striking at America's conservative voters is not divisive at all -- it's simply talking about "serious subject(s)." And anyone who disagrees with those views is, according to Kimmel, immature.