Arab American Inst. President Accuses Rachel Ray of Cooking Up Genocide

"Now they take their food & culture & claim it’s theirs too! #Shame."

My, how war crimes have changed. Between 1941 and 1945, Adolf Hitler commanded the systematic murder of approximately six million Jews. In the wake of that atrocity, in 1948, the United Nations adopted the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide to prevent such horror from ever recurring. The UN will be very displeased, as it seems that genocide is back -- in the form of hummus.

On December 21st, domestic goddess Rachel Ray posted to Twitter photos of her "Israeli nite" dinner, which included a bevy of dishes:

"Holiday Feast Highlights - Israeli nite, meze stuffed grape leaves, hummus, beet dip, eggplant and sun dried tomato dip, walnut and red pepper dip, and tabouli."



One well-known follower didn't find this very appetizing: left-wing president of the Arab American Institute and outspoken Bernie Sanders supporter James Zogby. He swooped in to the Twitterverse to correct Ray and castigate her for cultural appropriations of the cuisine kind:

"Damn it @rachaelray. This is cultural #genocide. It’s not #Israeli food. It’s #Arab (#Lebanese, #Palestinian, #Syrian, #Jordanian). First the Israelis take the land & ethnically cleanse it of Arabs. Now they take their food & culture & claim it’s theirs too! #Shame."


Unsurprisingly, not everyone was on board with the pro-Palestinian activist and left-wing Islam apologist's accusation:











The commenters weren't oblivious to Zogby's prominence in the Democratic Party:





However, Zogby isn't alone. Call the United Nations:









At least Partisangirl is honest about her identity.

Gone are the days of substance and gravity; we now float in a world of absurd political pettiness and triviality, thanks to the Left. The next time you mix a little olive oil with chickpeas, check yourself, Adolf.