Amid Rising Terrorism and Mass Migration, Europeans Take to Counter-Terrorism Training

With Europe’s political class busy virtue signalling, ordinary citizens turn to self-defense.

With the European Union and Europe’s political establishment failing to secure Europe’s outer borders, stamp out Islamist terrorism, or clamp down on rampant migrant crime, the ordinary citizens of Europe are increasingly turning to self-defense and counter-terrorism training.

Austrian newspaper Kronen Zeitung reports on one such counter-terrorism academy in Slovakia, where ex-Navy SEALs and former British SAS instructors train civilians to defend themselves and survive in an emergency situation.

Vienna-based Kronen Zeitung reports:

Last year alone, terrorist attacks in Europe left 142 people dead and 379 injured. The attacks in Manchester, Landon and Hamburg this year shocked people too. The uncertainty is on the rise and so it the number of clients at the "Tactical Combat Academy" in Zohor near Bratislava. There counter-terrorism experts teach how to survive in case of emergency.

“Yes, interest in our courses has risen since [the emergence] certain security problems in Europe. People want to prepare themselves for crisis situations.” The trainer Gabriel does not want to “distinguish, if the dangerous situation has been caused by to immigration or regular crime.”

The Special Forces veteran with 25 years of service and a rigorous training with the 5th Regiment of the Special Operations of the Slovakian Army, says, “At the Tactical Combat Academy we simply train people to defend themselves,” and how civilians can survive crisis situations. Apart from many different course on pistols or assault rifles (AK-47, M4/AR15), the [academy] also offers a Combat Medic Training, which teaches how to treat injured people simply and effectively.

“For the next 5 years, a member of the renowned  Team Six of the Navy Seals has signed up,” […] the Combat-Academy’s staff member told the Kronen Zeitung.

This trend is not limited to Austrian or East European Visegrad countries alone. Gun ownership has skyrocketed in Germany, with a 50 percent rise in the requests for self-defense weapons permit last year after the mass sexual assaults in Cologne and other German cities. Demand for pepper spray and blank-firing guns saw a similar surge in the country as well.

The Merkel government’s austerity programs have left the country’s police and emergency service chronically understaffed. In the German state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where incidentally the city of Cologne is also located, hundreds of thousands of emergency calls, Germany’s equivalent of 911, went unanswered each year. 

After Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel opened the EU borders to millions illegal migrants two year ago, Germany saw a steep rise in crimes committed by migrants. Earlier this year, Germany’s Federal Crime Bureau (BKA) reported a 50 percent rise in migrant crime as compared to the last year’s figures.

Instead of closing the Europe’s outer borders to millions of illegal migrants coming predominantly from Arab and Muslim countries--where Islamist indoctrination is rampant, the EU has responded by tightening gun laws for its own citizens in hopes of countering imported Islamist terrorism. In March this year, the EU again approved a new tougher gun law.

Left-wing parties, often in charge of running large European cities, have systematically weakened and disarmed law enforcement agencies. In Germany’s capital Berlin, for instance, police not only lack sufficient firearms but also defensive-gear such as bulletproof vests. The city’s Green-Socialist coalition even prevents police from installing video surveillance on the grounds of "civil rights."

For the European ruling elite, ideological posturing and virtue signalling has become more important than the safety and well-being of their citizens. Ordinary Europeans are reacting to this political indifference by taking matters, at long last, into their own hands.