Al Sharpton Doubles Down on O'Reilly Slander

Why Does the "Reverend" ingnore the 9th Commandment (Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness)?

On his Thursday night program, Al Sharpton addressed accusations that he played a deceptively edited video of Bill O'Reilly's remarks on the death of Nelson Mandela which seemed to imply the Fox host was attacking the South African leader when, in fact, he was praising him as a "great man."

According to Sharpton, it doesn't matter.

I don't think playing his great man comment changes the context or the fact that on the night of Nelson Mandela’s death, Bill O'Reilly called him a communist. Seems strange to me that O'Reilly thinks a communist was a great man, but the issue isn't Bill O'Reilly. The issue is Mandela, the effort to impugn him, to tarnish him. 


Actually, O'Reilly didn't make the statement to impugn Mandela, but to offer him as a positive example of reconciliation for the infighting GOP to emulate. If he can believe that Mandela was a great man who he'd never attack even though he was a communist, the GOP can stop their infighting even though a candidate or two disagree on a few issues.