Al Sharpton Cracks 'Cracker' Joke at James Carville Roast

"This is what white folks do? We actually marched to be a part of this?"

On Thursday night, Democratic strategist and loudmouth Louisianan James Carville was roasted at the Kennedy Center as part of Washington D.C.'s "District of Comedy" event. Rev. Al Sharpton was there and assumed his proper role as resident race jokester.

He first went after Fox News and one of its commentators, S.E. Cupp. Sharpton said when he was a guest at the network, "They'd make me drink from a separate water fountain." Of Cupp, Sharpton jabbed, "Both of us have appeared on Fox, but they treat us a little differently. They send a car for her. They ask me to drive it."

"Driving Ms. Crazy," he quipped.

As The Washington Examiner notes, this roast follows the extreme raunch and vulgarity quota that is now expected at these types of events, and last night's show, which featured Bob Saget, was no exception. 

After an earful of filthy jokes, Sharpton wondered aloud, "This is what white folks do? We actually marched to be a part of this?"

Then he told the story of being invited for some one-on-one time with Carville:

"Imagine a self described 'cracker' in a seersucker suit inviting a known black activist to his farm in Virginia. What could go wrong?"

Sharpton's usually racially-charged commentating style was fodder for Saturday Night Live earlier this year, as Sharpton faced off with an SNL counterpart Sharpton, played by Kenan Thompson. During the sketch, the real Sharpton debuted his "Black Approval Rating Scale" for the presidential candidates. Of course, Hillary Clinton scored high simply because Bill Clinton is so beloved in the black community. While Ted Cruz scored much lower  just because, "Look at him! You just know he's up to something."

Donald Trump fared worst of all, going well below the 1-10 scale, only managing a -1,048. But Sharpton assured his number would eventually go even lower.

Barack Obama was off the charts, as well, scoring a 16 that suddenly jumped to 22 and Sharpton "didn't even know what he did."

Watch below:

Image: Screenshot via SNL video