Actor’s Foul-Mouthed Anti-Trump Flip-Out

Another one bites the dust.

Actor Michael Rapaport—known for his roles in television’s Boston Public as well as a host of movies—took to the Twitterverse Saturday with a string of expletives aimed at the Commander-in-Chief.

The vulgarity-laden video, which appeared to be made in the actor’s backyard, condemned the President for his stance on revering the American flag and his subsequent criticism of athletes who have recently disrespected it.

Rapaport began by defending the Currys—the family of NBA player Steph Curry—including the point guard’s “pretty-a** mom,” and mocking Trump for rescinding his White House invitation to the Golden State Warrior after he was dismissive of the prospect.

Proving that actors need writers, Rapaport waxed unpoetic: “You dumb mother****er, that’s like talking sh*t about Mickey Mouse…No one’s coming to f*** with you, no one wants to meet your a**.”

In response to Trump’s criticism of NFL player Colin Kaepernick for taking a contemptuous knee during the National Anthem, Rapaport continued his four-letter tirade: “You fat motherf***er, get that son of a b*tch out of the motherf***ing White House.  Get him the f*** out…you bloated motherf***er, you.”

The crazed actor ended his classless, profane assault by kneeling down, indicating support for the athletes who refuse to stand for "The Star-Spangled Banner."

“Do you have any idea how uncomfortable this is?” he asked.

Not nearly as uncomfortable as it was to watch.