More Hollywood Virtue-Signaling: Cast of 'Grey's Anatomy' Take a Knee

"We took a knee in solidarity of racial justice."

On soundstages across Los Angeles, a war is being waged to prove which show has the wokest cast. The X-Files fired the first salvo when the show shared a photo of its stars taking a knee, followed quickly by the cast of latest iteration of Star Trek doing the same. Now, the battle for the title of wokest has come to Shondaland, and showrunner Shonda Rhimes has to be really upset she wasn't the first one in on this.

Cast members from Grey's Anatomy, a show that has not yet been put out of our misery, took a knee on Tuesday in a photo captioned “...and we took a knee in solidarity of racial justice. #takeaknee #greysanatomy #300.”


...and we took a knee in solidarity of racial justice. #takeaknee #greysanatomy #300th

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(Note: 300 refers to how many years episodes the show has been on. One might think, after that long, the show's star Ellen Pompeo and creator, writer, and producer Rhimes would know where their hearts are located, but judging by this picture, they do not).

The three most prominently pictured in the photo are all outspoken leftists: actors Jesse Williams and Pomeo, and Rhimes. Williams has railed against President Donald Trump in the past, calling him a “pig” (pot, kettle?) among other things, and Pompeo has even said that she doesn't want Trump supporters as fans. I'm assuming that ABC and its advertisers would disagree, and would actually care if they lost half their audience for Grey's Anatomy. Maybe she doesn't care personally since since she is a multimillionaire married to a multimillionaire, but others working on the show actually depend on a paycheck.

As for Shonda, she was an early adopter of politicizing the shows she created (the repellant Scandal, for example), and she is only getting worse as it becomes more accepted.

Sweet Hulu, save us from these shows trying to out-woke each other.