April Ryan Shut Down by WH Sec: ‘Nothing Wrong with Having Pride in the U.S.

"I don't think there's much to clarify. It's pretty black and white."

CNN White House correspondent April Ryan had a tense back-and-forth with press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Thursday over the “take a knee” national anthem protests.

Predictably, Ryan wholeheartedly defended the NFL players for exercising their First Amendment rights and claimed the protests were really about “such things as women’s rights and civil rights.”

Ryan wanted to clarify what President Trump’s view of the situation is and the answers Sanders gave looked to be unsatisfactory to the “unbiased” journalist.

"I don't think there's much to clarify. It's pretty black and white, there,” Sanders said.

Ryan said historically, civil rights protesters remained patriotic but wanted to “challenge the system.” She sees parallels between the two. However, Sanders said the administration takes a different view:

"I think if we're going to look at history, we should look at the thousands of Americans who have given their life to protect that flag, to protect that anthem. We should be celebrating those people.”

“This shouldn’t be about the NFL against the president. This should be about our country coming together to support the flag and support the national anthem. There’s nothing wrong with having pride in the United States," Sanders added. “The president is simply talking about what we’re for, not about what we’re against and, certainly, this administration will always be for protection and celebration of the flag and the national anthem and that’s not going to change.”

Ryan continued to contest the clear reasoning, but was met every time with concise statements why the NFL crybabies should stand to their feet.

Watch above via the Washington Free Beacon.