ACLU Leading Resistance Movement Against Trump, Launches Nationwide Protest Training

Building an army of resisters.

According to the Associated Press, the American Civil Liberties Union recently launched a nationwide training event to “urge organized, public resistance by those opposed to policies of President Donald Trump.”

The first one happened over the weekend at a University of Miami sports arena and was streamed to all 50 states. The executive director of the ACLU, Anthony Romero, said 200,000 people attended across 2,000 local events.

Romero said the seminar focused on protesters knowing their rights and encouraged them to march for “priority issues” such as immigration, LGBT, free speech, religious freedom, and civil and reproductive rights. Focus was placed on rules for demonstrating in various public locations and what to do after an arrest.

The ACLU has also launched a grassroots platform online called which is a coordination point to connect protesters together in their resistance efforts. And forget sanctuary cities, ACLU has a new creation: “freedom cities,” which according to the report, “would encourage local officials to pass laws resisting Trump policies such as stepped-up deportations of people living in the country illegally.”

As Romero assembled his army, he said, “We will bring all the lawsuits necessary to defend these rights. We’ll do the work in the courts. You do the work in the streets. People are motivated. They want to be engaged.”

The anti-Trump war trumpet has been sounded.

H/T Pamela Geller