Amy Schumer? Netflix Switches To Thumbs Down Rating System

"One day after Amy Schumer complained on social media"

Netflix has now announced they will switch from a star rating system to thumbs up rating system. Could Amy Schumer complaining that alt-right trolls trashed her work en masse have anything do with it?

An article on Screen Rant attributed the decision to useful beta tests and an overall demise of star ratings.  

“This decision comes after a beta test conducted among several hundred thousand Netflix users saw the percentage of rated titles shoot up a staggering 200 percent,” they reported. “In addition to the demise of star ratings, Netflix will also soon begin using a percentage-based matching algorithm to determine which titles a given user is more likely to enjoy, and then bring those titles to the forefront.”

Netflix will also watch viewing statistics to better pump viewers' preferred movies into their feeds so that they don't end up rating something that doesn't fit their tastes, like Amy Schumer making fat jokes and calling conservatives "gun nuts."

“This will be based not only on user ratings, but on personalized viewing statistics,” they continued. “This set up is the result of studies showing that something a given user rated five stars does not necessarily end up being watched more often by them than something rated slightly less favorably, such as three stars.”

The move comes just one day after Amy Schumer complained on social media, though Netflix has given no indication that that influenced them.  

YouTube also uses the thumbs-up or thumbs-down ratings system. The feminist Ghostbusters remake learned that the hard way.