GOP Slammed for Cultural Insensitivity on St. Patrick’s Day

Happy St. Politically Correct’s Day!

The folks over at Salon are up in arms that Republicans drank beer and made stereotypical references to the Irish during the St. Patrick’s Day luncheon on Thursday.

“Ryan's ‘despicable’ pint, Trump's questionable proverb and Pence's clichéd greeting were just the beginning,” Katie Serena said in her column.

That’s right, House Speaker Paul Ryan didn’t pour his Guinness correctly, but instead toasted with a pre-poured pint with the missing top layer of foam. He said, “To what our forefathers have started and our children will continue, may the light always shine upon them. Sláinte.”

“Though the language in the toast was technically correct, it was the beer itself that had people talking,” Serena said. They called the moment “despicable,” “appalling,” and “offensive.” The BBC called it “the worst pint of Guinness imaginable.” The #PintGate hashtag was born.

Then the speaker referenced the game of golf during his remarks, with people quickly pointing out that golf is a Scottish game. 

Ryan said, “Americans, especially American Irish, are always trying to endear ourselves to the Irish. Think about it. We went from a president who plays a lot of golf to a president who owns a lot of golf courses. That is about the closest thing you can get to royalty in Ireland.”

If not that earth-shattering gaffe, Vice President Mike Pence had the gall to come out and say, “Top of the morning” to Ireland Prime Minister Taoiseach Enda Kenny.

And during Trump’s appearance, he quoted from an Irish proverb: “As we stand together with our Irish friends, I’m reminded of an Irish proverb — and this is a good one, this is one I like, I’ve heard it for many, many years and I love it: Always remember to forget the friends that proved untrue, but never forget to remember those that have stuck by you.”

The A.V. Club called Trump a “big dummy” over and over again because they believe the proverb is actually from a Nigerian poem by Albashir Adam Alhassan which has a very similar refrain.

But through all of this faux outrage, the Left shows it has nothing else better to do.

Ryan responded to his critics: