More Bias from Associated Press: Those Pesky Republican Science Deniers

How about you just do your job and report the news?

Remember when the press reported the news, not what to think about the news? The former is pretty scant these days. And though once considered a reputable and bias-free source for other news organizations, the Associated Press has apparently thrown in the towel and joined the fray. 

The latest example of the AP’s “creeping bias,” as Legal Insurrection’s Kimberlee Kaye put it, is in its reporting of President Trump’s new budget which proposes significant cuts to the EPA.

Here’s how the AP opened its story, “Trump budget would gut science, environment programs:”

President Donald Trump's proposed budget would gut programs for science and the environment, reflecting the Republican's rejection of mainstream science.

Pay particular attention to that last line: “reflecting the Republican's rejection of mainstream science.”

This type of “quick jab” editorializing was present last month when the AP reported on the Mitch McConnell/Elizabeth Warren Senate feud over Jeff Sessions. The wire stated: “Quoting King technically put Warren in violation of Senate rules for ‘impugning the motives’ of Sessions, though senators have said far worse stuff [emphasis added]. And Warren was reading from a letter that was written 10 years before Sessions was even elected to Senate.”

Kaye rightly responded, “It’s not for the AP to determine whether Sen. Warren or Sen. McConnell was right. Nor is it their role to decide if Republicans are ‘climate deniers’ (one of the dumbest ‘insults’ in progressivism — no one denies climate exists). They have one job to do — to report the news.”

Back in December, TruthRevolt reported how the AP sympathized with the jihadist who drove a truck through the Berlin Christmas market, killing twelve. The story dripped with compassion for the “desperate and drifting” Islamist just seeking a “better life in Europe.”

Another blog, PowerLine, is also keeping close tabs on the more frequent bias from the AP. Check out their list of infractions here.

“Seeing as the AP is no longer interested in simply reporting the news, can we stop pretending they’re unbiased?” Kaye asks.