Trump Freezes Out Merkel on Handshake

“How did your talks go, Mr. President?” Not that well, apparently.

On Friday, President Trump met with German chancellor Angela Merkel at the White House, and if body language tells the story, there was an uncomfortable chill in the room.

Posing for photo ops while seated next to each other, Merkel is leaning toward the President while Trump sits with feet firmly planted and hands between his knees. His attention is completely on the cameras. Finally, Trump says, “Send a great picture back to Germany please, make sure,” as Merkel giggles.

Then a member of the press asked, “How did your talks go, Mr. President?”

“Very good,” Trump responded without any elaboration. The press member attempted a follow-up question, which also hit a wall: “Did you talk about NATO?” Trump, with a tight grin: “Many things.”

As the Daily Wire reports, Merkel finally turns to Trump and asks quietly if he wants to have a final handshake for the cameras (earlier in the day their meeting did end on a handshake).

Perhaps she asked too quietly, because either The Donald didn't hear her over the media noise or he ignored her completely. Merkel raised her eyebrows in surprise but smiled and said nothing else as the media packed up and left the room. Trump made no move to engage Merkel.

As the Daily Wire notes, Trump has been a loud critic of Merkel's catastrophic immigration policies for years, though he has expressed personal respect for her, although they'd never met.