ABC Goes Farther Left: Alec Baldwin Gets a Talk Show we need a hole in the head.

You know what television needs more of? Left-wing talk show hosts. At least, that's the apparent opinion of the American Broadcasting Network and its parent company, Disney.

To remedy this dearth of late-night leftism, the network that canceled conservative Tim Allen's Last Man Standing despite its high ratings, has decided to hire actor/activist Alec Baldwin to host a show based on his WNYC podcast, Here’s the Thing With Alec Baldwin. The deal -- which has been in the works for weeks but has yet to be finalized -- will make the politically extreme actor even more ubiquitous: his presence will span across ABC, NBC (Saturday Night Live), and NPR (home of his podcast). 

The show will not be the father of "a rude, thoughtless [pig's]" first matchup with ABC: he currently hosts the unscripted, vulgar game show Match Game. Furthermore, Baldwin has a first-look deal with the network whereby he may develop both scripted and unscripted shows.

Past titles of Here's the Thing episodes include “Steve Erickson Saw Trumpism Coming,” “Bernie Sanders Thinks Democrats Are Still Way Off Course,” and “Radio Host Bob Garfield on Trump and Telemarketing.” Therefore, the New York native -- who won an Emmy this year for skewering President Trump with his Saturday Night Live imitation -- is sure to use his show as a platform for more left-wing rants. For example: he was a staunch supporter of Obamacare, writing in HuffPost, "Health care reform means less money for insurance companies. Thus less money for the GOP. We should pass this bill for that reason alone." In 2012, he warned of "lying thieves in the White House" if Obama lost; and he told GQ in October, "What you see with Trump is how Hitler got elected."

No one who compares anyone to Hitler should be allowed to have a TV show.

The decision to promote Angry Alec is just one more example of the stranglehold leftist politics has on the mainstream media. Even without Baldwin's new pulpit, ABC is heavily tipping the political scale: The View boasts a gaggle of cackling left-wing nuts Monday thru Friday; Jimmy Kimmel continues his war with President Trump and Republicans; and a former Clinton White House staffer serves as co-host of Good Morning America, just to name three.