Women’s Marcher Threatens to Kill Trump, Pence

“It’s guillotine time, bitches!”

For one purple-haired women’s marcher, the first step in achieving the “communist utopia” she hopes to someday live under is killing President Trump and Vice President Pence. Of course, that’s going to be hard to do if she’s in prison for assassination. (Heads up, Secret Service.)

Thanks to the camera and microphone of Austen Fletcher, host of the YouTube channel "Fleccas Talks," this young commie showed her sign and shared her personal manifesto to the world.

Her sign read:

“Kill Donald Trump, Kill Mike Pence. It’s guillotine time, bitches!”

Fletcher got an earful of "likes" as he approached her after seeing the sign.

“I’m not here to support, like, somebody’s, like, capitalist, like — trying to make money off of the struggles of women and like women of color and, like, people of color in this country. Like, I’m actually upset,” she said.

“What is your ideal political or social structure?” Fletcher asked.

“Um, communist utopia, but I mean, that’s like pretty hard to do,” she added, to the laughs of her green-haired friend.

Fletcher’s video further proves that the so-called Women’s March has very little to do with women and everything to do with pushing leftist agendas and especially protesting Donald Trump. 

It also proves that most in attendance haven’t thought out their worldview in the slightest and seem to be spouting talking points they’ve heard on MSNBC. They can never seem to come up with some good or bad that the president has done. They just know they hate him.

One of the best was when Fletcher asked a man, “What makes Trump very unqualified?”

He said, “Well, he’s never been president.”

Mmm hmm. Tell us more, oh wise one.

Even the booming economy and tax cuts under Trump weren’t enough to get anyone excited. They called it “irrelevant.” As purveyors of groupthink, leftists aren’t allowed to think out of the box and acknowledge how the country is thriving under Trump.

There was one person at the Los Angeles march that Fletcher found who summed it up very nicely when he said: 

“Everyone’s been very kind, but I have to be honest, this is not a ‘woman’s march,’ it is a pro-Democrat, pro-Obama, pro-Kamala Harris, pro-Cory Booker, pro-Obama, strongly anti-Trump, Planned Parenthood support group rally/march. It’s just not a woman’s march… only if you watch CNN and MSNBC and believe the Democrats [is it] a march for women.”

Notice he said pro-Obama twice. That says everything you need to know.

Watch below: