Women’s March Organizers Want to 'Confront White Womanhood'

The social justice crowd is never satisfied.

Social justice warriors are never satisfied. There is no end to their totalitarian lust for a racial, gender, and economic utopia in which the oppressors finally become the oppressed.

Case in point: the feminist organizers involved with the Women’s March, purportedly created to protest Donald Trump's patriarchy, must have decided that was successful, so they are moving on to the logical next step: eating their own.

PJ Media reports that a new project called Confront White Womanhood will educate white women about their complicity in white supremacy and “violence” against racial minorities.

“For centuries, violence has been done in the name of -- and even physically enacted by -- white women,” the project's mission statement states. “It is time to be accountable for the harm we cause, however unintentional it may be.”

PJ Media has more:

While the project is independent of the annual Women’s March, two of the program's three coordinators are employed by the March. Rhiannon Childs is the executive director for the Women’s March Ohio Chapter, while Sophie Ellman-Golan is the deputy director of communications at the Women’s March.

Together, Ellman-Golan and Childs are working alongside “whiteness” scholar Heather Marie Scholl to organize events that will help white women learn how they hurt people of color. The trio’s first event will be held in Manhattan on March 4. Tickets are $20.

“At this session, we will be focusing on the white history of feminism and white female empowerment has harmed People of Color,” the event description notes, adding that attendees will “leave with ideas of how white women can take tangible steps to interrupt our own racial biases and confront the ways we cause harm.”

Tamika Mallory, Women’s March co-president, explains at their website that the “Confront White Womanhood platform does the necessary work of teaching white women to face how they uphold systems of patriarchal white supremacy."

It also teaches white women that their privilege “is a gilded cage -- that it harms women in addition to harming People of Color.”

White women are especially guilty of oppressing "people of color" -- sorry, make that "People of Color," capitalized -- if they support the idea of meritocracy, because that ignores the “lived realities” of black women.

How can white women help instead of oppress? Redistribute their wealth, of course, because social justice is all about racial payback. Thus the project floats the notion of “reparations,” the "habit of sharing financial and labor based resources... with no expectations of outcome or credit.” In other words, slavery.

Good luck with all that, ladies.