New Coloring Book for Adults: ‘I am So Sick of White Guys

That’s cool. We’re sick of adults needing to color their feelings away.

We live in a day and age when adults are retreating to their childhood safe spaces and reaching for their Crayola boxes. Coloring books for grown-ups are all the rage. College students are provided with coloring stations to deal with stress from hearing ideas contrary to their own. For the ever-offended, coloring books have replaced the punching bags of yesteryear. 

Now there’s a new “coloring book experience” hitting the market titled, “I am So Sick of White Guys” — written by two white guys (and illustrated by a black guy). Diversity and stuff.

“Who is this book for?” the authors ask. “Anyone who is as sick as we are of self-absorbed white guys in positions of power.” The pitch continues at the website:

If you are sick of news reports of yet another white guy abusing his power and taking advantage of your government, your financial system, your society and your culture, to pad his own wallet, then I am So Sick of White Guys may provide an amusing outlet for your frustrations. (Time to break out your crayon – you’ll only need one color!)

The coloring book is 61 pages of this:

“I am very frustrated and sad," said one of the authors, Jim Corbett. "But we want to make sure people understand this is not a vehicle of intolerance or hate. We are not trying to get people to hate white guys. We need people to have good coping mechanisms.”

“Look, I’m a white guy; there’s a lot of white guys like me and this idea of white privilege is a real thing," he added. “I have been a beneficiary of white privilege and gotten in trouble for stupid things. If the same thing had happened to a couple of black kids it would have been different.”

The coloring book costs $10 and the authors have pledged 10% of its sales to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Ha! So much for that “this is not meant for hate” thing.