Women Dump Headscarves to Mark ‘No Hijab Day

“Hijab is not a symbol of liberation; it is the symbol of oppression.”

Women around the world are burning headscarves to protest oppressive hijab laws in Muslim countries. Many Muslim women shared videos and pictures on social media showing their act of defiance in solidarity with women in Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Islamic countries where they are forced to comply with sharia-mandated dress codes.

The spontaneous protest on social media comes as a reaction to last week’s World Hijab Day. It has also been inspired by the actions of Vida Movahed, a 31-year-old Iranian woman who was arrested for removing her hijab in public. The image of Movahed waving a white hijab tied to a stick became an iconic symbol of resistance against the Islamic regime of Iran.

“Hijab is not a symbol of liberation, it is the symbol of oppression,” wrote a young ex-Muslim woman on Twitter. The British newspaper Daily Mirror reported the latest wave of anti-hijab protests:

Women around the world are burning headscarves to mark No Hijab Day, in solidarity with those forced to wear a veil.

A wave of angry protest recently erupted in Iran when women climbed telecom boxes and waved their headscarves from poles to publicly object to wearing veil. (…)

At least 29 women were arrested for taking part, sparking an international public outcry.

Now women are sharing videos of burning headscarves with the hashtag #NoHijabDay, a reaction to last week's World Hijab Day event and the crackdown on women in Iran.

The World Hijab Day was marked on several US campuses as well. The Muslim Student Association at the University of Central Florida erected a ‘try a hijab’ booth on campus offering non-Muslim students the ‘opportunity’ to try on Islamist head-coverings. The purpose of the campaign was to “encourage women of all religions and backgrounds to wear and experience the hijab,” the Florida-based Muslim Student Association’s website declared.

While the feminists and progressives on American campuses indulged in meaningless virtue-signaling by trying out hijabs, the Iranian regime was busy cracking down on those refusing to wear the sharia-mandated covering, arresting 29 women accused of removing them in defiance of the country’s sharia law.

Unlike the safe space-seeking Western liberals, these courageous women are putting their lives at risk. They not only have to fear brutal suppression from the regime, but in many cases also violence from their own family members.