Oppressed Iranian Women Rip Off Veils, Feminists Silent

Where is the Women's March in their honor?

It would seem like feminists would gather support for the women of Iran who are standing up against Islamic oppression, ripping off their mandated veils, and telling the male-dominated oppressive government that enough is enough. However, it must be too cold to even don a pink pussy hat in solidarity.

Powerful images are flooding the internet of women who are fed up with their treatment in a truly oppressive part of the world where women are treated worse than cattle. They’re demanding freedom and equality and that’s something that should be praised and encouraged. 

This woman ripped off her hijab and tied it to the end of a stick in defiance of her government. Who will #StandWithHer?:



Here’s another decrying the Islamic revolution in 1979:



One woman demands fair wages:



And one shouted “Death to Khamenei” right in front of Iranian police, who are known to shoot protesters:










Yet, no major feminist group is organizing a Women’s March in their honor, although they are gearing up for their next big anti-Trump event here in the states. The National Organization for Women is too busy bellyaching over Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and criticizing President Trump’s immigration policies to mention this pro-women moment. Even the hijab-wearing, pro-Islamic American activist Linda Sarsour could only be bothered to retweet a few mentions of the Iran protests. She talks a big game for women’s rights, but while her oppressed allies were marching in the streets against tyranny, Sarsour was curled up warm on the couch:



Do we need any more proof that the bravery of women fighting real oppression in third-world countries can never compare to the pampered whiners we have here in the US?

Here's to the future of Iranian women: