Witness Describe's Gun-Owning Hero's Act Against Texas Mass Murderer

"If it wasn’t for him, the guy wouldn’t have stopped."

Michael Moore won't want to watch this...  

A man who lives near the First Baptist Church of Sutherland Springs, Texas, gave an eyewitness account of his neighbor’s act of bravery Sunday which brought an end to the state's most horrendous mass murder.  

At approximately 11:30 a.m., Devin Patrick Kelley opened fire on a worship service in the small town 40 miles east of San Antonio. After an assault which resulted in at least 26 deaths and 20 wounded, the former Air Force enlistee exited the church. Upon walking out, he was engaged by a local gun owner. The heroic act forced Kelley to drop his weapon and flee.

The courageous resident’s stoppage of any more potential violence wrought by Kelley was witnessed by his neighbor, Kevin Jordan, who described the man to Kens5 News:

“Our neighbor, he’s a very good guy, very big Christian.  He’s the nicest man on the planet; he would do anything for anyone around here. We’ve known him for years. He’s childhood friends with my dad.”

Jordan, who was outside changing his oil when the murders commenced, recounted his neighbor's brave interruption of the crime:

“He came with his [gun], and he took cover behind a car and he shot the guy – I’m not sure if it was inside the church as he was coming out -- but if it wasn’t for him, the guy wouldn’t have stopped. And that’s when [Kelley] got in his vehicle and took off, and our friend shot through the window again trying to get him.”

News of the gun owner's brave deed won't amuse the Left; they're bent on the narrative that firearms are solely for murderers, not heroes. But Texas disagrees -- its gun ownership rate is at nearly 36%. And Sunday, one man among that number used his constitutional right to stop a murderer.